A Brief History of the Wenham Tea House

In 1893 the Wenham Village Improvement Society was formed. Money earned from summer garden parties, flower shows and fairs was used to finance the society’s community projects. They operated a small Tea House between the Church and what is now the Nazir’s Jewelry shop in what would become the Wenham Tea House.

In 1912, it was decided to give up these methods of securing funds and it was decided to start a women’s exchange to provide an outlet for local homeworker goods and a cozy place for the townspeople to gather. The Wenham Tea House was born.

The exchange became increasingly popular as more funds became available. Various additions were made and the property began to expand. The delicious food, quality tea and gracious hospitality made the Tea House a pleasant and quaint place to enjoy.

To this day the funds generated from the Tea House help the Society give back to the Town of Wenham. They provide local scholarships for our youth, funds for the beautification of the town and other civic obligations. From the stewardship of its members, the Society has made our town a wonderful place to live and raise our families.

From 2012-2015, Henry’s Fine Foods operated the Wenham Tea House. Henry’s continued the traditions of delicious food, quality tea and gracious hospitality.

Nowadays, Christopher Keohane manages the Wenham Tea House. Chris continues on the tradition of fine dining, excellent service and impeccable private functions at the Wenham Tea House.

Christopher Keohane and all of the Wenham Tea House Staff would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve in all ways possible. We hope you enjoy your Wenham Tea House experience, America’s oldest operating Tea House today.

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